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Organizational objectives

The fundraising objectives are closely linked to CDS’s organizational goals. Specifically, the Canadian Dupuytren Society’s objective of the next 3 years will focus on:

Expanding the CDS website
The CDS website will be expanded to include more information on the disease with an interactive interface, an enhanced engagement of patients and links to Dupuytren healthcare practioners.

Funding of research on the prevalence of DD
The prevalence of DD in Canada has only been documented to a limited extent. CDS and the medical community would greatly benefit from comprehensive data to develop advocacy initiatives and to better respond to patient needs.

Clinical information exchange at conferences
In the absence of universal approaches for treating DD, members of the MAB will be encouraged and supported in their efforts to participate clinical conferences (expert panels, abstracts…) on various specialties such as orthopedic plastic/hand surgery, radio-oncology and rheumatology to help raise awareness of DD with other specialists and explore a variety of treatments.

IMD Health Agreement
The CDS entered into an agreement with IMD Health, a company offering an educational platform of medical information that healthcare professionals can use to inform their patients about the particularities of their conditions. IMD Health will publish the medical information included on the CPC website. The objective is to increase the dissemination of information on Dupuytren’s disease.