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Fundraising Campaign Update 2021

This brief report is to provide an update on the Canadian Dupuytren Society (CDS) progress, made possible by your donations. As you know, on September 1st 2020, the CDS launched its 3-year fundraising campaign to

The Canadian Dupuytren Society’s Triennial Objectives

The Canadian Dupuytren Society’s Triennial Objectives underlying fundraising efforts were determined at the General Meeting of Members and the Board of Directors’ meeting of April 27, 2020 and focused on the expansion of the CDS website, funding of research on Dupuytren’s disease, and the exchange of clinical information at professional conferences.

Welcome Anne Vézina

Building on 18 years of experience at the Canadian Cancer Society, Anne Vézina brings to the Canadian Dupuytren Society her expertise in governance and accountability by translating strategic vision into execution and performance.

Message from the President

The Canadian Dupuytren Society (CDS) has just wrapped up a defining year in its development. We have finished putting together a highly competent Medical Advisory Board to advise us on medical information that will be shared with patients and medical professionals.


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