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Documentation & research

2020 - The worldwide prevalence of the Dupuytren disease: a comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis Click here
2019 - Dupuytren’s disease: where do we stand? Click here
2022 - Dupuytren Disease: Prevalence, Incidence, and Lifetime Risk of Surgical Intervention. A Population-Based Cohort Analysis Click here
Watch the interview with Dr. Dieuwke C. Broekstra, PhD, Principal Investigator Click here
2022 - Radiotherapy for patients with Ledderhose disease: Long-term effects, side effects and patient-rated outcome download .pdf
2018 - Dupuytren Disease Management Trends: A Survey of Hand Surgeons Click here
Latest discoveries
2019 - Blue light irradiation and its beneficial effect on Dupuytren’s fibroblasts Click here